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What is covered in case of accident?

We pay you if you are injured, we pay on your behalf if you injure someone or damage someone else's property.

These coverages are only applicable while riding with Deliveroo. Motor Liability is always excluded.

Medical expenses

Dental expenses

Temporary incapacity

Hospital stay


Facial scarring

Permanent incapacity


Bodily injuries or damages to someone else's property

What is not covered?

Your mobile phone

Your clothes

Your bicycle

When you're not working

What is covered in case of sickness?

We pay you if you are ill and you can't work anymore during at least 7 consecutive days.

Up to 15 days benefit

€35 per day fixed benefit

Paid retroactively from day 1

Including musculoskeletal and mental illnesses

Eligibility rules

There are some rules to respect in order to be paid in case of sickness.

You need a doctor's certificate

You must have delivered at least 30 orders in the last 8 weeks

No more than 2 claims in a 12-month period

What is not covered

Sickness due to covid/pandemic

Sicknesses with pre-existing conditions


Back problems

What if you become a parent?

You will receive a financial benefit as a result of becoming a mother/father.

Up to €1,000 benefit to cater for urgent expenses following the event of a childbirth, adoption or stillbirth.

Eligibility rules

You must have been collaborating with Deliveroo for at least 6 months prior to the event date

You must have completed at least 30 orders in the 8 weeks prior to the event date

If you are the mother, you must have completed at least 60 orders in the 6 months prior to the event date

If two Deliveroo riders are having a child, the total benefit is paid once

No more than 1 claim in a 12-month period

My insurance in detail

Capital benefits resulting from an accident in Belgium

Indemnity amount
Accidental Death
€ 50.000
Funeral Benefit
€ 3.000
Loss of sight in one eye
€ 15.000
Loss of sight in both eyes
€ 30.000
Loss of a limb
€ 30.000
Permanent Total Incapacity
€ 50.000
Temporary Total Incapacity from an Bodily Injury due to an Accident
Have worked for more than 60 days?
75% of the insured person’s average gross daily income for up to 30 days from the date of the Bodily Injury.
Have worked for less than 60 days?
€ 25 per day for up to a maximum of € 150.
€ 25 per day up to 6 days
Waiting Period
7 days
€ 50.000
€ 50.000
Loss of hearing in both ears
€ 30.000
Loss of hearing in one ear
€ 7.500
Total and permanent loss of speech
€ 30.000
Loss of use of shoulder or elbow
€ 15.000
Loss of use of hip, wrist, knee or ankle
€ 9.000
Loss of use of the whole lower jaw
€ 13.500
Loss of use of kidney
€ 7.500

Capital benefits resulting from a third party liability

We indemnify up to
Excess (what you have to pay)
Liability for accidental bodily injury and/or accidental damage
€ 5.000.000
€ 150 for material and immaterial damage
No excess for accidental bodily Injury
Liability for damage to goods
€ 5.000
10%, min € 100
Pure financial loss
€ 250.000
No Excess
Legal defence
€ 7.500
No Excess

Capital benefits resulting from sickness a new parent expenses in Belgium

Indemnity amount
Up to € 525
New Parent Expenses
Up to € 1.000

Legal documents

Read the General Conditions of your policy in case of:

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